Video Marketing – My First Attempt Failed Miserably

It seems like nowadays almost everybody is using videos as part of their marketing strategy. It looks so easy when you see the videos, that I decided to make a video too. My idea was to explain how to set up and use a really cool WordPress plugin for list building.

Why video marketing?

Videos are an awesome way to do a lot of things, like for example:

  • Recording a testimonial for a product
  • Explaining how to use a specific product
  • Walking through a special process
  • and many more, you got the idea…

There are a lot of ways to produce your own videos. The easiest way, and I think also the most popular one, to record a video, if you don’t want to use a video camera, is Camtasia. Camtasia is a screen recorder that lets the user capture everything that is shown on the screen.

Anyway, back to my video marketing venture…

I decided to use Camtasia to record my first video for two reasons. For first I can show what is happening on the screen and for second I didn’t want to be in front of the camer anyway.

Recording with Camtasia was actually an easy task. After starting it up and clicking the record button, the software captured everything on the screen as planned. While I installed the plugin, configured it to my needs and embedded it into a WordPress page, I explained every single step, using a headset to record my voice.

But as I saw the final result I was rather disappointed.

Now I know that most people don’t like to hear their own voice when it is recorded, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. Bad might not be the right word, because it was even worse.

While doing some research on what i did wrong in various Facebook groups, one of them was Matt Houghton’s Video Marketing Group, I came across a blog post of Terry Weatherill where he reported the same problem that I had. And he used a similar equipment to mine, Camtasia to record the video and a headset with an integrated microphone.

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Some further research shed some light on my mistake. The microphone seems just not to be good enough to achieve a decent voice quality.

Blue snowball for Video Marketing

I discovered that one of the recommended microphones to use is the Snowball by Blue Microphones, which is available in two different versions. While the basic version is a cardioid USB microphone, the more advanced one is omnidirectional, this means it can easily record voices from all directions.

As I am planning to use the microphone alone, and only for video narration, I decided that the cardioid version will be sufficient for video marketing needs.

Now you might know that I am currently living in Cyprus.  And finding a particular microphone in one of the local shops can really give you a headache; not to say that it is almost impossible.

To order is also not an option as delivery times can be quite lenghty. Just recently I ordered ‘The Go-Giver‘, a book by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It will take the local bookshop about 4 weeks to have it in stock.

However, there are online shops like amazon and the like, but also here we talk about delivery times of about 18 working days.

Luckily my neighbour is right now in the UK, hence I gave him a ring and asked for a favor.

Having his UK mailing address now, I ordered the Snowball microphone from amazon and will receive it in a couple of days.

Once I will have the Snowball here I will give video marketing the next try and hopefully share my first video on this blog.

Did you try to make your own videos yet? Do you have any advice? Please leave your comment below and share your experience with video marketing with us.

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  • Kim

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    I want to do Vlogs on my blog but besides not being a dolly bird in front of the camera like you I hate the sound of my own voice when recorded. I’d always put it down to being a northerner. (with a northern twang), I never thought about my integrated mike being at fault as well. (It was a very expensive piece of equipment in it’s day).

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll take a look at that mic.

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014

      Hi Kim,

      thanks for commenting.

      Meanwhile I have the new microphone here but didn’t find the time to test it yet. So it just stands on my desk and looking cool. As soon as I tested it out I will report on the results.


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