Unlimited Traffic Machine Review – Stupid Simple or Simply Stupid?

There’s a lot of hype about a product called Unlimited Traffic Machine, which has been sold meanwhile over 2,300 times on WarriorPlus. But is it really a product that can help you to drive unlimited traffic to any offer and make hundreds of dollars in return as promised on the sales page? In today’s Unlimited Traffic Machine Review I want to shed some light on what I discovered while going through the main training.

So what does the Unlimited Traffic Machine consist of?

The Unlimited Traffic Machine comes with 4 different training modules from which the first one is basically just an introduction. The following three modules are:

1. The PPL Method

2. The Traffic Broker Method

3. The Road To 5 Figures In Your First Week

All three modules try to explain how to drive traffic with solo ads to a squeeze page and how to monetize it. In each module the product creator shares an Excel spread sheet explaining his ways of increasing the return on invest.

Although the sales page states that the product is newbie friendly, I doubt that someone new to the business will get any idea what the product creator is talking about. None of the videos explain any of the the basic things for new internet marketers. The product doesn’t even go so far to explain what a squeeze page is, how to create one, or how to come up with an incentive to give away for those who sign up to one’s list.

I would expect from a product that is targeted towards new internet marketers to explain all these basic elements and to give a recommendation what services and software to choose. But not one word about it.

Rather than that, the videos start immediately with explaining the Excel spread sheets, which is in all cases a calculation of the return on invest, taking into consideration the purchase of a 1,000 click solo ad for $500 and monetizing it with either sending traffic to either a) a pay per lead program, b) selling traffic as a traffic broker, or c) selling products within your own funnel and from the backend in module #4.

At first sight it might look legit for someone who is new to the topic on the first view, but here’s the catch.

The product creator makes assumptions that I can’t confirm from my experience.

Here are just a few of the examples that hurt my ears when I heard it:

Example #1:
The product teaches to send all exit traffic to pay per lead programs and earn $2 per lead.

The average payout per lead from PPL programs is around $0.50 cent. A few PPL programs pay $1. There are though some PPL programs with a higher payout, but they are usually paying for the double opt in, which decreases the opt in rate drastically.

Example #2:
The calculation is based on a 10% over delivery in clicks and a 40% opt in rate. This results in 660 exit clicks that one can send to a PPL program.

A solo ad in the price range the product creator suggested usually sends maximum 75% tier 1 traffic, the other 25% (minimum) is non tier 1 traffic. Now PPL programs won’t pay for non tier 1 traffic, hence only 75% of the traffic is qualified to get paid for, which reduces the profit by another 25%.

Their calculation on exit traffic:
660 exit clicks x 20% opt in rate = 132 leads or $264 at $2 per lead.

My calculation at best will:
660 exit clicks x 75% tier 1 X 10% opt in rate = 50 leads or $25 at $0.50 per lead.

Example #3:
This example is from the second module. Here the product creator suggests to sell solo ads to profit from your clicks, rather than using a PPL program to get paid for leads.

So far so good, but as said, most traffic will come from exit clicks, which is not solo ad traffic, although the product creator suggests to sell it as such. Solo ad traffic comes from emails, and emails only. Exit traffic is the worst traffic one can buy and you can get it for a very low price. Trying to sell your exit traffic as email traffic is cheating, and you will burn your name in the industry faster than you can spell it.

Example 4:
In module 3 the creator suggests to sell your own product in your funnel as well as your own high ticket coaching program in the backend.

The sales page states that the product  is 100% newbie friendly and that it can be up and running in 10 minutes. Now they suggest to have your own products in place, including high ticket offers that you can sell for up to $10,000. Something isn’t congruent here.

Conclusion of the Unlimited Traffic Machine Review

As a matter of I wouldn’t put my name on this product and I can’t recommend purchasing it to anyone.

If you are new to internet marketing, this product won’t help you to get started, other than that it might be even confusing to see these numbers laid out on a spread sheet without knowing where to order them to.

If you’re experienced I am sure you know everything that is taught in this product. You most probably know even better how to channel your traffic to increase your return on invest.

My suggestion, take the 5 bucks or whatever the sales price is right now – it’s on a dimesale – and enjoy a nice coffee in the sun. 😉

However, before I end my review, let me also tell you a few words about the OTOs that are included in the funnel.

OTO1 – $97 and OTO2 – $297

Both OTOs are ready made campaigns, and I have to confess that I did not look into them. However, I feel that the price jump from a $5 product to an upsell of almost $100 is far too high, which made me to stay away from it.

OTO3 – $47

OTO #3 is a Facebook traffic  course, that comes in different video modules. Also I did not watch these videos, as I realized that it seems to be Facebook Marketing Excellence, a PLR product that you can purchase from various sources on JVZoo, or if you want to have the PLR rights, you can purchase it from its creator. It’s not a bad course, but there are better Facebook traffic courses on the market.

If you’re serious about Facebook traffic I highly recommend the Facebook Masters training. You can check it out here.

OTO4 – $37

The last upsell is a Video traffic course that teaches how to drive traffic with YouTube ads, and the same is to say here. It is a PLR product that has been sold a while ago and is available from many others, or including the PLR rights directly from the product creator on JVZoo. The license of both video courses allow the user to sell the products with a price tag of at least $7, and I bet my boots you can find both products for this price tag on the various market places.

All OTOs have a downsell in place where you can purchase the trial version of the original product and pay in 2 or 3 monthly installments.

Ultimate Traffic Machine Review
  • 1/10
    Value For Money - 1/10
  • 1/10
    Easy To Follow Training - 1/10
  • 1/10
    Clear And Useful OTOs - 1/10
  • 4/10
    Support - 4/10
  • 2/10
    Known Product Creator - 2/10
  • 1/10
    Compared To Similar Products - 1/10


Unlimited Traffic Machine gets 1.7 out of 10 possible points, as the product didn’t convince me. The three modules – without talking about the introduction video – share an excel spread sheet calculation with assumptions that are according to my opinion totally wrong and can never be achieved. Although the product is targeted towards new internet marketers it lacks any explanation of the necessary basic things. The OTOs are either not clear, overpriced or for OTO #3 and OTO #4 unchanged PLR products.

Do you have any questions or comments about my Unlimited Traffic Machine review? Just ask them below and I look forward to answering.

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