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There’s no doubt, the solo ad business is getting worse and worse. With so many new sellers popping up who are just after the fast money, oftentimes even trying to trick or selling fraud clicks, the quality of this traffic source decreased immensly the last couple of months.

On  the 7th of October 2014, at 11am Eastern time, Kevin Fahey launches his new product Solo Ad Escapes, that promises to offer a way out of this misery.

After I read his new report and had a look at the members area I’m going to share what I discovered and will give you a short overview of what to expect.

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What is Solo Ad Escape?

Solo Ad Escape is a PDF report in 4 chapters that explains exactly how to escape the solo ad rat race with using alternative methods to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Kevin Fahey reveals in his newest report exactly how he managed to replace his 5k per month solo ad business with a solid 5 figure per month online income with different traffic methods that finally deliver results again.

Here’s what Kevin Fahey says about Solo Ad Escape


What to expect from Solo Ad Escape

Chapter 1 – Introduction:
In the first short chapter of his new product Solo Ad Escape, Kevin talks about why he created this product and what made him to turn away from using solo ads for his business.

Chapter 2 – The Escape Route:
The second chapter is dedicated to explain the various methods Kevin uses to segment his list, how he benefits from this and how this can lead to finally replace your 9-5 job or solo ad business.

Chapter 3 – Building Your Business The Right Way:
Chapter 3 explains the exact steps how to brand your business right from the early beginning, how to create your perfect funnel for maximum success and how to finally increase your customer value.

Chapter 4 – Traffic Problems Resolved:
Last but not least, Kevin reveals the seven different traffic methods he uses nowadays to drive traffic to his funnels and reveals why these traffic strategies are superior to buying solo ads .


Who is Kevin Fahey?

Kevin Fahey is a fulltime Internet Marketer from Ireland who lives on Mallorca, a small island off the coast of Spain, now. Shortly after he started his Internet Marketing career about 5 years ago, he started building his first list and discovered the potential that a list can give his business. He went the typical route of setting up squeeze pages, having one time offers at place and driving traffic to them, and managed to build his list up to 250k subscribers.

Besides doing affiliate marketing, Kevin also created his own products to sell and he did really well with having several products of the day on JVZoo. In his training courses he teaches the methods he used to build his business from the ground to a 5 figure per month online business.

His newest product Solo Ad Escape fits exactly in this line, and reveals the different traffic methods Kevin uses to stay away from solo ads and to finally drive quality traffic again to his funnel.


What I liked about Solo Ad Escape

Solo Ad EscapeI liked the way Kevin lays out everything in his report without adding any fluff or hype. He comes straight to the point and gives the information needed to make a significant change in your business.

Kevin’s experience as a seasoned Internet Marketer with a proven record of success and his authenticity in this business just add to the value of this report. Especially when knowing that Kevin went himself through these exact stages and managed to grow his business from scratch to a monthly 5-figure income.

The alternative traffic sources are well explained and are easy to use whether you are new to this business or and advanced Internet Marketer.


What I didn’t like about Solo Ad Escape

I thought Kevin would talk a bit more about how to build a list of buyers, rather than freebie seekers. Although he gives a nice method how to do this, it might not be suitable for everyone, especially if you are just at the beginning of your internet marketing venture.

However, I can say that the method he explains in his report works very well and should be taken into consideration when building a buyers list.

Solo Ad Escape Bonus

Additionally to the method Kevin describes, I decided to add my report ‘Buyers List Avalanche’ as a bonus for those who purchase Solo Ad Escape through my affiliate link. As I am updating this report in the moment with some additional methods, you will be also in the queue to receive the updated version as soon as it launches. Just send me an email with your receipt attached to [email protected] and I will get you hooked up.



If solo ads is one of the methods how you drive traffic to your squeeze pages, or if you are a solo ad seller, then Solo Ad Escape is definitely for you. In Solo Ad Escape you will discover how to set up a solid online business right from the beginning. On top Kevin reveals his 7 alternative ways to drive traffic that deliver real results rather than just clicks.

With the information revealed in Solo Ad Escape everybody, no matter if being newbie, advanced or a seasoned Internet Marketer, will be able to set up their own successful 5 figure a month business from scratch.

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