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Social Blog Blueprint

Whether you are a blogging newbie or a seasoned WordPress user, we are all sometimes guilty of not paying the attention to our blog that it deserves. Sometimes it is because we don’t find the inspiration to create content. Other times we lack time to drive traffic.

How much  easier would our blogging life be with having a social blog that receives traffic and generates revenue on demand? A blog working for you and your business, rather than you working for your blog!

What is a social blog?

A social blog is a website which engages users, by delivering content that gets shared via social media.  “Users of social blogs typically have the power to generate income on demand immediately upon publishing a new post.”

What is Social Blog Blueprint?

The Social Blog Blueprint is a video blueprint course from Dan & Sue Worthington that comes in 9 parts, explaining from A to Z how to set up a social business blog. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced blog owner, with the help of the step by step training in each module, you’ll discover exactly how to maximise each blog post for maximum social media exposure.

Let us dig a bit deeper into the 9 different modules of Social Blog Blueprint:

Why blog?

In this module you will discover the importance of having a blog for your business and the benefits it will give you. You will also realize why WordPress is the #1 blogging platform to choose when starting out your social business blog.

How to choose a niche?

While there can be several reasons to start a blog, one of the major reasons to start a social business blog is to make money online. If you decided to start blogging to communicate with other about your hobbies, you’ll already have a subject to blog about.

But if your main intention is to earn a living on the internet you will need to tap into a niche market that can drive enough traffic and that at the same time is profitable. Social Blog Blueprint reveals exactly that. See how easy it is to find a niche that you will be keen to blog about and that also lets you profit from your content.

Non tech blueprint

Not everybody can be an expert in everything. And while you surely have a lot of expertise the chosen niche you are going to write about, you might need sometimes a helping hand when it comes to all this technical stuff.

In module #3 of the Social Blog Blueprint Dan & Sue Worthington walk you step by step through all the details that are necessary to know to have a successful social business blog running.

A beautiful blog

You might say “A blog is a blog!” But think about it again. When you look at various blogs you will discover a lot of differences. While some blogs look really stunning, others sometimes appear much more dull and boring.

Wouldn’t you also like to send your visitors to a blog you can be proud of?

Module #4 of the Social Blog Blueprint course digs with you deeper into the various options of themes, explains the entire WordPress dashboard and finally talks about the necessary settings to guarantee your blog to become a success.

Get your blog working

It does sound easy, doesn’t it? At least you thought now that you installed everything you are ready to go. But not yet! There are still some things that need to be done to put the real power into your social business blog.

Dan & Sue Worthington will reveal the secrets under the hood of the WordPress blogging engine and explain exactly what plugins are necessary to transfer the whole power from the engine to your social blog.

Get posting

Having everything set up in the way that is needed for having a successful social blog, it is time to look at creating, editing and publishing content and everything that goes along with it.

In module #6 of the Social Blog Blueprint you will not only discover everything around creating your posts, but also about the importance of categories and how to use permalinks to your benefit.

Your social hub

Your blog is – or soon will be – the hub of your business. Whatever trends will come and go, your blog ist there to stay as the beating heart of your success.

The Social Blog Blueprint reveals in module #7 everything that required to have a social business blog. Whether it is how to set up your own auto posting schedule or the necessary tools that are needed for a social friendly blog. Dan & Sue Worthington will walk you through the exact steps to take.

Grab all those visitors

The most stunning blog and the best crafted posts are worthless without having anybody looking at and reading them. For this it is important to drive traffic to your blog, that is interested in the niche you are blogging about.

Module #8 will take you by the hand and lead you through various traffic generation methods that will bring hordes of targeted visitors to your blog.  The best is that, except of one inexpensive one, all of these methods are absolutely free to use for driving traffic to your social business blog.

Making money

Now that we are talking about a social business blog all the time, one of the most important parts we didn’t even touch yet: the monetization of your blog. You didn’t want to blog just for the fun of it, you planned to eventually make some money online.

“Making Money” is the title of module #9 of the Social Blog Blueprint and it will reveal various money making strategies which include adsense, using affiliate programs as well as selling your own products and services.

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Conclusion on Social Blog Blueprint

When following the Social Blog Blueprint step by step video training course you will discover all the exact small details that are needed to transform your blog into a social media marketing machine. A social business blog that automatically drives hordes of traffic from various social media sites to the central hub of your business where you build your list or sell your products and services.

Stop Being Ashamed Of Your Blog,
Use The True Power Of A Social Business Blog


But don’t take my word alone, here’s what Dan & Sue Worthington are saying:


And here’s what others are saying about the Social Blog Blueprint:

Sue’s training is always top quality, and the Social Blog Blueprint is no different. Thousands of people have enjoyed, benefited and grown their businesses by following her training, and she is known as the ′go to’ person for anything Social Media related, both for me and many others. Take advantage of the launch week discount, before you miss out.

John Thornhill
Partnership to Success


Hey Sue & Dan, I just love the Social Blog Blueprint! You have created something special here which I see becoming the ′Go To’ guide for bloggers and blogging wannabes for years to come. Everything is laid out in such easy to follow steps, that you simple cannot fail to have a stunning, social driven blog. I especially love the fact you share all the tools, shortcuts and plugins you use to automate your own blogging business. Thank you sooooo so much.

Brian Oliver
Blogg Buddy

So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or one of the advanced bloggers out there, Dan & Sue Worthington deliver with their video blueprint course Social Blog Blueprint everything that is necessary to know to boost your social blog to the next level and dominate your chosen niche.

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  • Karmakar

    Reply Reply October 7, 2014

    Yes TORSTEN,

    We are guilty and truly most of the time we fail to give the time and attention our blog requires…

    Karmakar recently posted…The simplest ways to make the best of KlinkkMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply October 30, 2014

      I absolutely agree with you Karmakar, there are times when we don’t or can’t pay all the attention to our blog that it would need.

      For this it is good to have a plan B in place and use some automation tools for the time time being away. Writing posts in advance and schedule them over time as well as plugins that post automatically to social media sites after publication are great helpers here.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,
      Torsten recently posted…Simple Traffic Solutions Reveals How To Drive TrafficMy Profile

  • Sue Worthington

    Reply Reply October 10, 2014

    Hey Torsten

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my training.
    I appreciate it and love how many social shares you got!


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