Domain name

If you don’t have a domain yet, I recommend using NameCheap. I usually buy all my domains there. Their prices for a .com domain are a bit over $10 and they offer Whois guard free for the first year.

Whois guard protects your privacy and prevents other people from seeing who owns that particular domain.

If you already own a domain, I recommended using the same provider for your new domain too, as it is very convenient to have everything under one roof and see all of your domains in one overview.

If you are hosting your website somewhere else, updating the DNS settings is easy, so that your domain name will point to the account with your hosting provider.

Click here to visit namecheap

Hosting account

If this is your first website to set up, then you will also need an account with a hosting company. Your hosting account is some place where the files for your website will be located and where your domain name will point to.

There are some big names that you might have heard already. One of them is Hostgator. Hostgator is the company where I host most of my websites, they are cheap, reliable and fast in support for the rare case that a problem might occur.

In the time being with Hostgator I had only one problem so far and they answered my support ticket within minutes.

Hostgator offers various hosting plans, starting with the Hatchling and Baby plan for their shared hosting. The main difference between both plans is that with the Hatchling plan you can host only one domain while the Baby plan offers unlimited domains.

If you plan to host more than one domain in future you should go for the Baby plan. It will set you back about $10 a month.

Click here to visit Hostgator (Use coupon ‘marketingwithtorsten’ for $9.94 off)


If you didn’t start building your list yet, you most probably will need an autoresponder. It is recommended to use an autoresponder service that allows you to collect your subscribers and send out emails to them on a regular basis.

There are various autoresponder companies to choose from. The one I can recommend is Aweber, one of the oldest autoresponder services available.

Their prices depend on the amount of subscribers you will have on your lists and starts with $19 per month for 500 subscribers. To try their service they offer a test account for only $1.

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Outreach Software


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