Build A Buyers List – 4 Ways To Building A List Of Buyers

Build A Buyers List

Are you struggling to build a buyers list? I have been there too… A looong time I have struggled to get buyers on my lists… Until I discovered a few ways to build a buyers list how it can be done easily. What Is A Buyers List? A buyers list is different from people who have subscribed…

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Why I Stopped Buying Solo Ads

Top 3 Reasons Why I Stopped Buying Solo Ads

Solo Ads are dead! Well, at least kind of. And if they are not, then they are at least that much comatose, that you should stop buying solo ads as well right now. You see, before I stopped purchasing them back in 2013, I bought a lot of solo ads. And I also made some good…

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How To Clean A Mailing List – Get It Wrong, You’re Screwed

Clean a mailing list

Cleaning a mailing list is important. Whether it is Getresponse or whatever autoresponder you are working with – you need to do it once in a while. It helps to keep your deliverability, open rates and click rates high and at the same time reduces spam complaints and bounce rates. Also it will keep your monthly fees…

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Monitoring Traffic Quality In Your PPL Program Using ClickMagick

Monitoring Traffic Quality in List Profit Generator with ClickMagick

One of the most important parts in Internet Marketing is to drive as much traffic as possible to your landing pages. And while there are plenty of methods to drive traffic to a landing page, the fastest one is using paid traffic such as solo ads, Facebook ads or your own Pay Per Lead program. What is…

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Solo Ad Escape – Route To Alternative Traffic Sources

There’s no doubt, the solo ad business is getting worse and worse. With so many new sellers popping up who are just after the fast money, oftentimes even trying to trick or selling fraud clicks, the quality of this traffic source decreased immensly the last couple of months. On  the 7th of October 2014, at 11am Eastern time,…

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Do These Affiliate Marketing Drawbacks Really Worry You?

Affiliate Marketing Drawbacks

While doing my usual blog hopping routine this morning, I came across a blog post naming three different affiliate marketing drawbacks as a reason that could hinder you being successful in making money online. To make a long story short and not reciting the whole article, here are the 3 affiliate marketing drawbacks quoted: Very…

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3 Reasons To Create Your Own Information Product

Create Your Own Information Product

Whatever route you are planning to go in your online ventures, sooner or later you will come to the point when it will be necessary to create your own information product. I know, I hear you saying now: ‘Me, creating a product? Why? I don’t even know how!’ Especially if you are not planning to…

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Basics To Making Money Online

Basics To Making Money Online

Did you ever ask yourself how the big internet marketers and super affiliates manage to be successful in making money online while so many others won’t make a single cent? No matter if statistics say 99%, 97%, or just 95%, it is a fact that most people who try to make money online fail and just…

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Using Lead Generation Cards To Boost A List With Twitter

Boost A List With Twitter

So you are trying to build your list with different social media sites, but as you can’t post the same link over and over again you are somehow limited in what you can do. The good news is, there is another way to boost a list with Twitter. Maybe you have heard of Twitter’s lead…

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Rapid Mailer

Things To Know Before Buying Rapid Mailer

In the last week or so I received a couple of emails from subscribers asking me why I didn’t recommend buying Rapid Mailer during its launch and while it was still available for almost half of the price. As my answer to this question is always the same I decided to write a short post…

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