Internet Marketing VIP Training Review

Internet Marketing Training Review

Just yesterday Kevin Fahey released his Internet Marketing VIP Training and I had the chance to see what’s inside the members area. Knowing Kevin quite some time from various chats and Skype calls as well as a couple of his products, I suspected already that he will come up again with something amazing. However, I looked at his new Internet Marketing VIP Training course without any bias.

I know that, especially if you are just getting started in Internet Marketing business, you will often feel overwhelmed with all the information you need to learn and know. There is hosting websites. There is building a list. There is affiliate marketing, product generation or video marketing. And last but not least there is also traffic generation.

And most important, this information needs to be given in an appealing and entertaining way, so that it isn’t boring after a while and you just switch off or fall asleep.

I could tell you now that when Kevin is sharing his industry secrets he does it in an easy to follow way that won’t confuse or misdirect you. But as I know you want the best marketing training on the web, maybe it is even better if you look and decide yourself:

As said above, there is so much information to learn, especially if you are just getting started in Internet Marketing. So for me a course like the Internet Marketing VIP Training needs to cover at least all the important aspects that go along with building a list, affiliate marketing, selling a product and traffic generation.

When looking the first time into the Internet Marketing VIP Training members area, you will realise that Kevin covers all of these aspects in different modules. And even more. His training modules also teach about Private Label Rights, outsourcing, link tracking, product launches, various sales funnel models and video marketing, one of Kevin’s specialities.

Just have a look at all the modules that are available right now in the screenshot below:

Internet Marketing VIP Training


If you paid close attention to the screenshot you will have noticed that besides all the training modules you will also get access to various PDF info products and different WordPress plugins that you can install and use to build your business right away.

Sounds good?

But there’s something else that you will get and that isn’t mentioned anywhere else.

Inside the Internet Marketing VIP Training members area you also can request a specific training you want to learn about and Kevin will prepare it and upload it to the members area.

In short, what will you get from Internet Marketing VIP Training?

Kevin’s Proven System
You’ll get everything you need to build an online business that makes 4, 5, 6, or even 7 figures helps you to finally live the life the way you want.

A Mentor
All successful people in business have a mentor. With Internet Marketing VIP Training you’ll get Kevin as your mentor. With his experience since 2004 he’ll show you exactly what it takes to make a nice income online and finally quit your job.

A Working System
Just with using what you learn and receive inside the Internet Marketing VIP Training, Kevin will show you how you can earn $18,802.94 and even more within a single week.

Relationships and Support
Build relationships with and get support from a community of like-minded internet marketers that are like you focused on online success and personal freedom.

No More Shiny Objects
If you are tired of buying product after product and course after course then this comes to an end now. Inside Internet Marketing VIP Training you will get all the training, resources and tools that are necessary to build a successful online business. Just ‘plug-in’ to the system and follow many other people on their way to financial freedom.

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360-360 Here’s a recap of just some of the information that Internet Marketing VIP Training teaches you:

  • Affiliate Marketing
    Learn how to utilize affiliate marketing to launch products, make money and work as partners with other web-based businesses
  • List Building
    Discover how to build effective customer lists and how to market to the list members
  • Private Label Rights
    Reveal how to properly license your intellectual property so that no one can use your material without your permission
  • Outsourcing
    See how to outsource work and jobs to the people who know how to do them correctly to keep you free from burnout and overworking
  • Amazon Marketing
    Learn how to use Amazon not just as an affiliate but also to sell material that you have created to increase your revenue
  • YouTube Marketing
    Uncover how to increase traffic to your website with creating videos about your niche or small business

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What’s the catch with Internet Marketing VIP Training?

Reading so many posiive things about Internet Marketing VIP Training, there must be also a downside, isn’t it?

I checked every single training module that is offered inside the members area as well as the different WordPress plugins and ebooks and besides all the benefits I discovered only one drawback. And this drawback is you!

Like always, the best Internet Marketing Training will only work out for you if you are willing to take action and start implementing the things you are taught.

I know many of those who read this review won’t do it. But I also know those who do, and put the techniques they’ll learn from Internet Marketing VIP Training to use, will be on a their way to a successful online business. Just let Kevin show you this way.

So, go to Kevin’s IM VIP Training and sign up for one of the best IM training courses available today. You won’t be sorry and your wallet will soon thank you for your decision.

P.S.: I have prepared a $600+ bonus package that is waiting for you in the JVZoo download area right after your purchase of Internet Marketing VIP Training.

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  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply April 21, 2014


    Good luck with promoting this product as it looks very comprehensive and I’m sure will take whoever buys it forward in Internet Marketing, but I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment with John’s programme.

    I might come back to it in the future when I have got through Partnership To Success

    All the best

    Dave Thomas recently posted…Profiting From ReferralsMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 2, 2014

      You’re right, once you decided for a training you should stick with it and focus on what you get taught. In the end jumping around from one coaching program to another without taking the proper action won’t bring you anywhere.

      Cheers and to your success,

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