IM Traffic Facebook Masters Review – MBA In Facebook Marketing

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your content? Are you still wasting money on solo ads that just don’t perform anymore, because clicks are faked, untargeted or typical freebie seekers only? In this IM Traffic Facebook Masters review I want to see if and how this product can solve all your traffic problems.

So, what did I like about IM Traffic Facebook Masters:

1.) All of the videos, except of introduction videos, are over the shoulder videos to easily follow along

2.) Part of the training are real life case studies

3.) This is an in depth training with lots of additional tips and tricks most others aren’t talking about

Watch the IM Traffic Facebook Masters Review

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The main training is divided in 6 different modules that come with 27 different videos. Except of the introduction videos with Kevin in front of the camera, all of the videos are over the shoulder videos, so that you can easily follow along while watching what Kevin is doing.

The modules are as follows:

  • Introduction to Paid Advertising (3 in person videos)
  • Facebook Ads Getting Started (8 over the shoulder videos)
  • Facebook Power Editor (3 over the shoulder videos)
  • Facebook Profit Building (8 over the shoulder videos)
  • Insights & Audiences (2 over the shoulder videos)
  • Case Studies (3 over the shoulder videos)

In all of the videos Kevin shows step by step in real life examples how to set up profitable Facebook ads. And it doesn’t matter if you are new to Facebook ads, or if you have used them already, the way Kevin explains everything will work for everyone. Although I used Facebook ads regularly and have always campaigns running, I still picked up some nice gems that will save me money on those campaigns.

Applying the method Kevin teaches lets you create campaigns that will drive highly targeted traffic to your content at just a fraction of the cost you are used to from any other paid traffic source.

I strongly recommend to drop your next solo ad campaign and invest in IM Traffic Facebook Masters instead. Get your MBA in Facebook marketing and discover how to drive targeted quality traffic.

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IM Traffic Facebook Masters

Before I end the IM Traffic Facebook Masters review, let me tell you about the one time offers you have to expect in the funnel.

OTO1 – $97

The first upsell is a 4 week live webinar training course covering everything there is to know about Facebook advertising. Usually this sells for $997, but during the launch of IM Traffic Facebook Masters the price dropped all the way down to $97 only.

You will also get lifetime access to a private Facebook group to find the answer to any questions or build relationships with other marketers.

OTO2 – $4.95 (trial), $27/month

The second upsell is Kevin’s membership training site called IM VIP Training with more than 130 training videos covering different aspects of internet marketing. You will find videos about email marketing, affiliate marketing, case studies, product creation, video marketing, tracking, high ticket sales and many more.

On top of that there are regular members only webinars (replays will be available as well) and you’ll get access to many of Kevin’s previous products.

Being a member of IM VIP Training myself I can only recommend to go and check out at least the $4.95 trial. I am sure you will be the same excited about the value you’re getting as all the others of the members.

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Do you have any questions or comments? Just ask them below and I look forward to answering.

Click here to get IM Traffic Facebook Masters for the best price

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