IM Affiliate Funnel Review

IM Affiliate Funnel - The Perfect Affiliate Promotion

Kevin Fahey relaunched his product IM Affiliate Funnel which claims to teach how to create the perfect affiliate promotion.

But what makes an affiliate promotion perfect?

First of all you need to find the right product to promote. With so many choices out there it gets more and more difficult to find the one to choose.

In his training IM Affiliate Funnel Kevin guides in easy steps through the evaluation product, so that you will be sure to pick the right one that suits your audience.

Second you will need to design your campaign and brand your promotion.

Kevin’s course goes step by step through building up your credibility and trust. Following these methods will let you gain more authority in your niche and result in more sales.

You will also want to offer a bonus to those who buy from your list. Especially during launches people often go bonus shopping and make their purchase decision depending on the bonuses offered.

To make creating a bonus page easier, Kevin adds 5 ready-made premium bonus pages to the members area, that you just need to download and fill in the blanks to use for your next promotion

And last but not least, you will need to send traffic to your bonus page in order to make sales.

Now some people find this a bit difficult, especially those without a list. But Kevin gets you covered here as well and shows how to drive traffic, even without or with just a small list. He explains various traffic sources you can choose from, whether you want to use free or paid traffic.

Now at the first glance this looks like everything is covered to set up a perfect affiliate promotion that brings you traffic, conversions and sales.

And if you are looking for exactly this solution to help you with what you are struggling with, then I would say go ahead and buy it.

But, let me tell you, where there is light, there is shadow…

The Downsides Of IM Affiliate Funnel

1. Downside:
Everybody knows that the bigger sales are done in the backend of a funnel. This is why the big affiliates can offer $7 products with a 100% commission. Because they can generate much more in the back. Often these high ticket items will pay $800, $1000 or even more in commission to the product creators.

Now, IM Affiliate Funnel stops right after sending the prospect to the sales page, and it does not mention how you – as an affiliate – could profit from the backend and make these $800, $1000 or even more yourself.

The solution here is my Bonus 1. In a 1-on-1 coaching session I will explain you my exact strategy how to leverage your sales and generate those commissions in your own backend, even a an affiliate. This is a never before shared strategy, that I will only share with those who purchase IM Affiliate Funnel through my affiliate link.

2. Downside:
Creating a bonus page stuffed with PLR products, that everyone can download in the internet for free, will not bring you very far. I saw already bonuses valued at $354k, which in fact were useless crap, piled up PLR products from the 90’s, just to stack it up.

In order to succeed with your bonus, it needs to be highly relevant to the offer, and give those who purchase through your link additional benefit, that at its best even enhances the original product’s features.

This means, you will need to create a dedicated bonus, whether it is a report, a video, some piece of software or anything else, that will have a value to your customer, not only on the fine print.

For your first promotion using the methods Kevin teaches in his course IM Affiliate Funnel, I will personally support you in creating your highly targeted and unique bonus product. Together we will identify, plan and create either a report or a video training, that will give additional value to your customer.

Bonus Package For IM Affiliate Funnel

Bonus 1: 1h 1-On-1 Coaching On After Sales Commissions Strategy
Bonus 2: Support In Bonus Creation For Your Next Promotion
Bonus 3: Promoting Your Next Bonus To My Social Media Followers
Bonus 4: 1h Free Online Training From My Mentor John Thornhill
Bonus 5: Professional WordPress Tracking Script
Bonus 6: Solo Ad Escape – From $5,000 To $20,000 Per Month
Bonus 7: Open Rate Explosion – Increase Your Open Rates By 400%
Bonus 8: 90 Minute LIVE Webinar Training with Kevin Fahey
Bonus 9: It’s A Surprise… You’ll Simply Love!

Click here to see the video and check out my bonuses.

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