How To Waste Time Or Money With Social Media Marketing

How To Waste Time Or Money With Social Media Marketing

Everybody uses social media sites for a reason. While some use it only for fun or to stay connected with friends and family, many others use it as a tool for their social media marketing activities.

And although there’s a lot of advice available how to get a social media marketing strategy right, you still can see people doing the same mistakes over and over again.

5 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

So here are 5 major mistakes that will get you waste time and/or money on your social media marketing activities:

#1 Promoting wrong products to wrong people

You want to grow your followers on the different social networks and you have heard about some strategies how to do this.

Now, if you go out and follow everyone on the social networks you come across, just to grow your audience, it won’t bring you anywhere.

On the other hand, if you follow the right people, but promote every product that you can find on any of the affiliate networks, it won’t do you any good either.

What you want to look for isn’t quantity, but quality.

You want to build a targeted audience, that is highly interested in your niche and thus also in your posts and the products you are promoting.

#2 Not following up with prospects

As soon as you have an audience and people are showing interest in the product or service you have to offer, the biggest mistake you could do is not to follow-up with those prospects.

The easiest way to do this is in having these prospects subscribe to your autoresponder and build a list. From there your follow-up sequence will kick in and send out your messages regularly on a pre-defined interval.

#3 Not tracking results

A lot of people think using a link shortener such as or is enough to track their results as it shows how many people clicked their links.

But just knowing that 100 people clicked a link and these clicks resulted in $120 isn’t enough.

You need to know much more details about your social media marketing campaigns before you can make a proper evaluation and decide where to put your focus on.

If you would know that 50 clicks came from Facebook and another 50 clicks came from Twitter, but the clicks from Facebook resulted in $80 sales, while your Twitter traffic resulted only in $40. Would this have an impact where you would focus your social media marketing activities on?

For sure it would.

But then again…

Imagine you posted twice on your Facebook wall. One post was text only while you added an image to the other post.

Now if you could say that the image post made $60, but the text post only $20, would this also have an influence on your postings?

I bet so…

In future you would focus more on image posts to Facebook, as you know that it brings you the better results.

And it doesn’t end there…

There are many other metrics you can track to identify which of your social media marketing activities will give you the better results. To learn more about click tracking and conversion optimization, you can check this free guide to click tracking.

#4 Paying too much for ads

I know a lot of people who stay away from paid ads and prefer to drive free traffic to their website. Their major concern is to end up paying more for ads to be shown on social networks than they will make in revenue.

However, you need to know that also so-called free traffic isn’t really free. You’ll pay with your time for it.

I think a good solution is a combination of both.

If you track the performance and results from your ads, you can easily identify which campaigns are profitable and which are not. Now you can expand on the successful ones and cancel those that aren’t.

An easy method to not longer worry about paid traffic, and another reason why tracking is so important…

But you started tracking your social media marketing now, right?

#5 Trying too hard to sell

The internet is full of sales pitches and over-hyped products. Nothing puts people more off and make them unfollow you, than seeing another account trying to sell one product after the other.

You want to have educating, entertaining and engaging posts to keep people interested in your social media profiles. If people like what you share and interact with you, then it’s much more likely that they accept when you mix it up with some promotional posts.


Your turn

Are your social media marketing activities paying off or do you spend more time than you get in return? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Adrian Jock

    Reply Reply May 16, 2015

    Hi Torsten,

    I agree with all your points.

    I think that tracking (the real one, as you well pointed it) is very important and at the same time is very much ignored – that’s due to the social media tools available out there and also due “expert” articles that focus on the number of followers, the number of retweets and favs, on engagement, etc.

    Most of them actually teach you how to become popular, not how to become a better marketer – overlooking the fact that the number of retweets won’t pay the bills. The engagement created by “great” topics such as “What song do you sing in the shower?” (or quotes, etc) still won’t pay the bills.

    They might make you popular. They’ll skyrocket your Klout. But won’t pay the bills 😉

    Knowing what happens around your content and where each sale comes from (for example – what article generated the sale, who shared it, when and where) is so much different from the attitude “Awesome! 50 people followed me and 20 unfollowed me.”
    Adrian Jock recently posted…Twitter Myth: URL Shorteners Save Space – Busted!My Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 17, 2015

      I absolutely agree with you Adrian.

      You can find endless articles on how to become popular on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, but only a handful of articles teaching how to get the tracking right.

      But in fact proper tracking is one of the most important things, not only in social media marketing.

      I think it’s a great subject for a future post. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,
      Torsten recently posted…How To Clean A Mailing List – Get It Wrong, You’re ScrewedMy Profile

  • Carol King

    Reply Reply May 18, 2015

    These are 5 great points you’ve made Torsten, I particularly like number 5. I personally hate being “sold too” in a heavy handed way and have unfriened or unfollowed people who do so. It has made me more mindful in my own business.
    Carol King recently posted…Entrepreneurs This Way PleaseMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 19, 2015

      Hi Carol,

      thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Indeed, #5 is an important point, looking at them through the eye a follower. But looking at them as a marketer I’d say they are all the same important.

      Have an awesome day,
      Torsten recently posted…Avoid This Deadly Internet Marketing MistakeMy Profile

  • Hollie Hawley

    Reply Reply May 19, 2015

    Thanks for the article, Torsten. You have appropriately chastened me. It’s not that I don’t have Google Analytics installed, it’s just that I haven’t reviewed it for ages. I’ll just have a look right now . . .

    And another error that I made for a long time was to avoid paid traffic like the plague. I am just now coming around to thinking that I could do some small, low-risk paid promotions just to try it out. Of course, I need to get back in the habit of tracking before that makes sense!
    Hollie Hawley recently posted…Do I Stay Or Do I Go?My Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 19, 2015

      Hi Hollie,

      Google Analytics can only show you what’s going on on your website, where visitors are coming from and where are they leaving to. If you have set up campaign tracking, than the info can go a bit deeper.

      But if you don’t link to your own website, Google Analytics is ‘blind’ and can’t give you any information on links porsted to your social profiles, email newsletter etc.

      For this I use a separate tracking software called ClickMagick that can do exactly this, but also has a lot more benefits like adding retargeting codes to any link, geotargeting, split testing and more.

      As for paid traffic, you are right when you say to start with a low budget. It’s mostly about testing and tweaking.

      Have lovely day,
      Torsten recently posted…How To Waste Time Or Money With Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply May 19, 2015

    Hey Torsten,

    Good post here.

    Tracking results is important. If you’re not doing that, you don’t know:

    1. What needs improving
    2. What worked better than others
    3. Where to spend your money next time

    I knew people that just did what you said. They had 100 visitors and were happy with the $120 they made. But they had no idea if that was ALL they COULD have made or what.

    Track. Your. Results.

    Great stuff.

    – Andrew
    Andrew recently posted…Reader Challenge: How To Grow Your Blog By Attracting Your Ideal ReaderMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 20, 2015

      Hi Andrew,

      thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      It seems most people think it’s enough counting clicks, but it’s not. Just when knowing every single detail of a campaign, one can decide what to focus on and what to drop.

      Testing, tracking and tweaking is one of the major tasks to do, but very often either ignored by most of the people or done with irrelevant tools.

      Have a great day,
      Torsten recently posted…How To Waste Time Or Money With Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  • Some great points here Torsten, particularly I like the point about tracking results.
    Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor recently posted…The Procrastination ParasiteMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 20, 2015

      Hi Mike,

      thanks for your comment.

      Tracking is an essential part in every marketing campaign, and not just now in times of social media.
      It was also done with advertisements in magazines or newspapers, and the tools we have at hand nowadays make it even easier.

      Well, if you use the proper tools at least. 😉

      Torsten recently posted…Monitoring Traffic Quality In Your PPL Program Using ClickMagickMy Profile

  • Jan Kearney

    Reply Reply May 22, 2015

    Ahhh tracking… Something I don’t do enough of but do more than most. Yes, I need to improve 🙂

    Great points Torsten.
    Jan Kearney recently posted…How To Comment And Share As Your Google My Business Page [Video]My Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 31, 2015

      Thanks for commenting Jan.

      Tracking is super important for many reasons. But the fact is, most people don’t go beyond counting clicks and probably calculating their conversion.

      When done right, it allows you not only to analyze your campaigns for better conversion, but also to improve user experience.

      Have an awesome day,
      Torsten recently posted…Simple Traffic Solutions Reveals How To Drive TrafficMy Profile

  • Dennis Seymour

    Reply Reply May 24, 2015

    That’s actually the hardest to track. The straight forward conversions tracking is often not enough for me so it’s always a challenge depending on the situation but you are damn right.

    Tracking is super important! Everybody needs to do it because thats the only way to know if you are on the right track 🙂
    Dennis Seymour recently posted…Local SEO Schema and How It Helps with On-Page SEOMy Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply May 31, 2015

      Hi Dennis,

      thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      You are right, tracking is the only way to see if you are on the right way and conversion tracking isn’t enough for that. Yet you still see so many people using their raw affiliate links and use their affiliate stats as only measurement.

      Have a great Sunday,
      Torsten recently posted…Do These Affiliate Marketing Drawbacks Really Worry You?My Profile

  • Kim

    Reply Reply June 6, 2015

    I need to get myself sorted with social Media, I don’t use it nearly enough as I should do for my business.

    Great article, thanks Torsten

    Kim recently posted…Do Folks Hate You? Don’t Worry, You’re On The Right Track if They Do…My Profile

    • Torsten

      Reply Reply June 10, 2015

      I see you often popping up on Facebook Kim, but usually I read more about your dog than about your business. Just get started with mixing in some business related posts from time to time.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Torsten recently posted…3 Free Alternatives To Camtasia StudioMy Profile

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