High Ticket Cash Machines Review – Escaping The $7 Rat Race

Are you still promoting $7 dollar products in the hope to make a living from it one day? Think again… In the High Ticket Cash Machines review I want to give my honest opinion if this product can help you to escape the $7 rat race.

So, what did I like about High Ticket Cash Machines:

1.) Gary explains exactly how to find and select the high ticket offers that a guaranteed for a maximum conversion

2.) Promoting high ticket offers doesn’t need more time or more investment. Using the ways Gary shows in the video, some of these strategies can be applied in less than and hour, but you can profit from them for years to come.

3.) The training includes various underground traffic sources that almost nobody except of some big marketers are using.

Watch the High Ticket Cash Machines Review to escape the $7 rat race

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The main training comes in 3 different modules, called Product Selection, Lead Capture, Research and Traffic as well as the case studies called High Ticket Hacks. Each module consists of different videos in which Gary walks you either through a presentation or lets you watch over his shoulders when he explains the single steps.

Product Selection

In the product selection module Gary shows in 3 different videos where and how to find high ticket offers, whether you are looking for affiliate or CPA products. He also explains how to choose the right offer.

From here you also have access to the High Ticket Rolodex, a selection of high paying affiliate and CPA programs.

Lead Capture

With the 3 videos in the lead capture module Gary walks you through the single steps on how to create a landing page and what to pay attention to. He also shares the ad copy formula and gives you 8 different templates to set up your own campaign in any niche.

Research & Traffic

The first 2 videos in the research and traffic module explain how to properly analyze your competitors traffic and advertising, and how to research your audience in respect to demographics and behaviour.

The next 13 videos talk about how to drive traffic to your landing pages. As there are only so many traffic methods available, some of them might be known already. Nevertheless, Gary explains how to use them too.

In one of the videos he shares additional 6 traffic sources that are proven to give great results but are more underground and less popular.

High Ticket Hacks

And last but not least there are 4 different case studies.

In case study #1 “Set And Forget” Gary shows how he made thousands of dollars on high ticket items on autopilot with just 20 minutes of work.

Case Study #2 “Free Traffic Hack” explains how Gary made multiple high ticket recurring commissions on autopilot with only 30 minutes of work.

Multiple $5k sales per month” is a case study by Stephen Gilbert in which he explains how he created his own $5k product and sells it with nothing more than using just 100% free traffic.

And in case study #4 “1000 ROI” Rash Vin shows how he made 1000% ROI in just 10 minutes.

I think the training is easy to follow for everyone, and it shows that when done right promoting high ticket offers doesn’t ask for more time or investment than promoting lower priced items. It’s a great solution for all those who are sick and tired of putting work into $7 promotions, with just a little reward. With following the steps lined out in this training you could easily multiply your commissions without increasing your workload.

High Ticket Cash Machines

Before I end with the High Ticket Cash Machines review, let me tell you something about the upsells that are offered in the funnel.

OTO1 – $37

With the first upsell you will receive access to the follow up and email marketing module. This module teaches everything that is necessary to know about follow ups and broadcasts, and to communicate with your leads in order to turn them into buyers. This module also explains how to segment your list and why it is important to do.

You will also receive access to an interview with Richie Nolan, in which he explains how he closed multiple 7k sales over the phone and explains the exact script and funnel he used to make more than $100k monthly.

If you are new to email marketing, I highly suggest to put your hands on the first upsell too, as you can benefit from the huge experience of Gary and Rash.

OTO2 – $197

The second upsell is a done for you service, where you will receive three highly optimized campaigns in high paying niches. Everything will be just plug and play and you can have set it up within an hour.

You will receive keyword research, the top paying recommended products, squeeze pages, thank you pages, email follow ups as well as the giveaway for people who opt in to your list.

Personally I don’t like done for you services for one reason. Everyone who purchases it will use the exact same angle, pages and email follow ups, while it would be much better to have your own personality come through.

I suggest using the products from the main course and create the promotion from scratch. Even if the campaigns aren’t optimized from the beginning, tracking, testing and tweaking will eventually get you there.

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Do you have any questions or comments? Just ask them below and I look forward to answering.

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