FB Ads Cracked Bonus Review

FB Ads Cracked Bonus Review

You might have heard all the buzz already about FB Ads Cracked which is coming very soon. But these 3 guys, John Thornhill, Omar Martin and Dave Nicholson, also known as the Bonus Kings are cracking it already now. They are giving away some freaking awesome bonuses and I can’t imagine that anyone can keep up with them.

These guys are currently running an online contest for the launch of FB Ads Cracked where they are giving away a ton of cool prizes. And as there is no purchase required to enter the contest anyone can win, even the top prize valued at $50,000.

You can read the whole story here.

All they are asking for is spreading the word about their FB Ads Cracked Bonus. Each time you spread your unique link, you will gather points which work like ‘raffle tickets’ in a random drawing. Points can always be tracked on the leaderboard

FB Ads Cracked Bonus Leaderboard

The winners of one of the 10 cool prizes will be a selected by a random drawing on May 13th and announced on the leaderboard.

Jump on the leaderboard here.

FB Ads Cracked Bonus Prizes

  1. A $50,000 Value Bonus Kings Custom Bonus + Promotion!
  2. An $8,500 Value Bonus Kings Custom Bonus!
  3. A $1,000 Value GoPro Hero Black Edition Camera + Video Critique Combo!
  4. A $150 Value Bluetooth Jukebox Dock!
  5. A $100 Value Amazon Gift Card or Facebook Ads Card!
  6. A $50 Value Amazon Gift Card or Facebook Ads Card!
  7. A $50 Value Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit!
  8. A $50 Value Firestarter Platinum Filtered Vodka & Container
  9. A $15 Value 16GB USB Robot Flash Drive!
  10. A $12 Value Fire Stash Keyring

See a complete description of these cool prizes here.

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